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Photo c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley - Taken from the road to Altea (N 332) from Benidorm. SPAIN.

(I'd like to meet the person that painted this!). Some 'Motivation'.


Apart from all the 'fun at the Fair' the following information is all 'TRUE'. It's a 'trip down 'sometimes' a rocky road.

                                                                                                      HERE we GO! - 


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Photo - Kind permission of  Mervyn Penrose 1971

Glastonbury (Fayre) Festival 1971, with -

Accrington Stanley, (Live on Stage).

  The-(David Bowie - Debut).

 Patrick Lemieux - 2018 - ‎Preview -
June 22  David Bowie attends the Glastonbury Fair, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, England. His scheduled performance ... Other acts include Hawkwind, Traffic, Melanie, Joan Baez, Fairport Convention, Quintessence and (Accrington Stanley).

(Found in the David Bowie Chronology book - page 106)

Although I am a qualified musician, I appreciate that BENIDORM is a fun loving place and not the home of music!

My (Two C.D.s) Delivering the Goods & Another Star in Limbo, are completely original, for the digestion of thinking people,  I introduce a few of these songs at my Venues. All the songs are written - played - recorded - (solely by me) - and I take great care in giving people a chance to take my C.D.'s home. They are a 'meaningful article', produced with top quality and care, every song is a part of my life.


You may download these quality C.D's on the next pages for 'free', but if you want the Original product, see- (Wammy's Shop),  On the Menu List. (I think that's 'fair' don't you?).  


                                Delivering The Goods - C.D.                                                                             Another Star in Limbo - C.D.


Photo c/o Jose Herps  Holland -  At the 'Heartbreak' American Bar - Levante Playa, (Beach), Benidorm.



                                                       Photo c/o Alfred Debles Holland - Again at the 'Heartbreak' American Bar Benidorm.


                                                                                                                     Gibson - Les Paul Standard.

                                                                                                               Tokai - Love Rock Model.


                                                                                                Velocette 350cc Viper Thruxton.

                                                                                                                      Velocette - 350cc Viper Clubman.


   Photo c/o - Ray Walmsley.                                                               Velocette 350cc Viper Standard.

                                                                                           Ton Up? You'd be lucky. Dave Wammy Walmsley (18 yrs?).


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