My very first (Group/Band).

The Movers? Hmmm-Yes indeed.

Original line up-
Vocalist - Roy Cross. (R.I.P).
Lead Guitar - Dave Wammy Walmsley.
Rythm Guitar - Ray 'Phones' Walmsley
Bass Guitar - John Briggs. (R.I.P).
Drums - Mike Crossley. (R.I.P).
          *          *          *
My Autobiography covers quite some hilarious and sad moments during this time.Please click on PAGE 5. on the NAVIGATION MENU for information with regards to my Book. Chapter 9 and 10. (Move it Movers - Supreme) Pages 85 - 96.

         Whilst Royston Jones was doing the local scene as the 'HI - FI'  Skiffle group, I was contemplating forming a Group/Band. I thought that if Royston (who worked at the local Birtwistle & Fieldens cotton mill (BUTTS Mill), in Great Harwood as an 'Electrician') could do it - then so could I. Sunday mornings at the Great Harwood Unity Club was available for a Sunday morning rehersals, so off we went.

"You'll never do it " said Royston, "There is too much involved, learning the chords - getting the right people etc" Within 3 months we were playing at the Merry England. "Where there's a will" I said. The Beatles had just released 'You cant do that'. ----- We did it!

It was some time later that John Briggs (The Bass player) simply walked out of the group and left me with another problem, after selling my Velocette and buying a Ford Themes van for the group, I was left with quite a gap in my life which took quite a while to get over. "Whats the problem John?" I asked - (he didn't reply).

Roy Cross (the vocalist) was also under pressure with his girl friend so the band split up. Ahh well! I was so disillusioned. 

Quite some years later I met John Briggs in a local supermarket and he said "Maybe I should have stayed with the group" - I just smiled - it was far too late, I just walked away,  it was his apology I suppose, (of which I accepted). 

People in those days protected what they had, instead of going to the future and engaging in a new life in the modern world. My life was enchanted by the T.V, and so many other sources that came into my life. (All is forgiven).


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